Thursday, April 21, 2011

Changing our mind!

This is all becoming real now that we sold our house and the more we thought about our choices the more we wanted to change some things. We called our rep but she thinks it might be to late but will ask for us. It can't hurt to ask right? We would really like to add the 4 ft extension in the garage, the windows in the morning room and the grand island in the kitchen. I am not sure why we didn't add these in the first place but we will see what happens. If it can't be done we are still happy with what we will have! We just got a call and we can make the changes!! So excited!! I am finding it harder and harder to make time to write this blog but I really want this experience documented so I am going to try!! We are still waiting for the commitment letter from the buyer of our current house. Ryan Homes won't start building our new house until we have that so we have some more waiting to do...


  1. Hi there. I just found your blog. Congrats. I'm glad you were able to make the changes. I hope you get the commitment from your buyer soon.

  2. I just stumbled on your blog and welcome to the blogging family. I am excited to hear that you are building a savoy. We are building the venice but one of our work friends are in process of a savoy like you but they are not blogging :( but it is a beautiful house. I am glad that you are able to add some more changes. Congrats